Creative Collaboration With Care Home Staff

30th October to 1st November 2012, myself and Karen represented Welsh National Opera at the UK Dementia Congress 2012.  Last year we shared our work of the research stage and this year we had a display on the work with staff in The Ridings. You can see the display here WNO Horizons Dementia Congress Display … Continue reading

Creation of the chorus

It’s 5.30pm on Wednesday 7th November. At the time of writing this I’m sat in the chorus rehearsal listening to the group of teachers and care home staff grow into singers. This is their second session with the newly commissioned music and although this is now very different to the sessions earlier in the year … Continue reading

Just on the Horizon

In the last few days the Horizons project has started in full force.  On Thursday 12th January the team were in the school and on Friday 13th January they spent the day in the care home.  All the team were in for the start of the project to witness aspects with John and Karen leading … Continue reading